Hiking and Eating Through Palm Springs

It’s been 2 years since our first visit to Palm Springs and after this last visit I don’t think it will be our last. Such a great place for relaxing and taking in the sunshine. Now you might scroll down and see all the hikes we did and not think that’s super relaxing. We would get up every morning and do a quick hike or walk then spend our afternoons just sitting by the pool at our Airbnb. If you follow this blog much you know we are usually moving town to town most days when we travel, so this was definitely more of a vacation than usual for us and it was so great.


Palm Springs has a great food scene
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Hiking Southern Utah and Northern Arizona in 5 Days

We just did a 5 day hiking trip to Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. We aren’t hard core hikers, so covering over 30 miles in just a few days, was a big deal to us. But we did see some beautiful country.

For us, the easiest way to get there is to fly through Las Vegas. From there we made the 2 hour trek to St. George, Utah. We had a tentative plan in place. We had ideas of what we wanted to do, but also we needed to pay attention to the weather. The first week of March can be iffy. We had been 2 years early and the weather was fabulous. But this has been a rough winter for everyone and this area was no different. [Read more…]


Dancing House Amsterdam

Dancing House Amsterdam

The biggest reason we chose to go to Amsterdam was the direct flight from Portland, OR to Amsterdam. Once you are in Amsterdam you must look around, right?

Here are a few things you need to know about Amsterdam if you are maybe uneasy about traveling to a foreign country. [Read more…]

Things To Do in Phoenix


Hike to a peak and take in the city from afar

Hike to a peak and take in the city from afar

Our travels are becoming more frequent because we are empty nesters. Our travels also take us to where our kids are and that allows us to experience where they are living. Taking a weekend to get away from from the cold and rain in Portland to sunny Phoenix is a no brainer. We couldn’t wait to ditch our raincoats for shorts. My daughter had lined up a few restaurants to try and some fun things to do right in Phoenix. I planned a day in Sedona hiking and playing. It was all set to be the perfect weekend. [Read more…]

Best of Bend, OR in the Fall

Fall hikes in Bend, OR

Fall hikes in Bend, OR

With a town like Bend, Oregon the peak times are in the summer, with all the water sports, lakes, fishing, hiking and the list goes on. And in the winter, with the skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and anything else you can think of.  The falls seems to be the “off season” if you will. But don’t let that keep from enjoying this great town. We got to experience Bend with all it’s outdoor splendor without having to share with a lot of other people. The restaurants that are usually packed, were just quite full. The hiking trails that are ever so popular, had a crowd, but parking spots were easy to find. The the breweries pour beer all year long and that’s really all that matters, right? And you can follow the Bend Ale Trail to all 14 breweries.

Let’s get the food out of the way, since you all know we love to eat, but don’t worry I won’t skip the hiking. I had done my research ahead of time and even asked [Read more…]

Where to Eat in San Antonio

The drinks outside of downtown are WAY better. Like this moonshine cocktail

The drinks outside of downtown are WAY better. Like this moonshine cocktail

This post is for all of you that love great food. Our favorite part of traveling is experiencing the food in other places.  We stumbled upon so many great places that I had to create a post with all the food we indulged in. Not just that, but Texas has a great array of beer. I do love my beer and this Portland girl is not used to so many choices in other cities besides my own.

I have another post, Not Your Typical San Antonio Travel Tips. In that post I shared how you need to get out of downtown for the good food. Even though the umbrellas on the river win you over with their quaintness, know that the food is not that great. But don’t worry, there is great food within walking distance. [Read more…]

Not Your Typical San Antonio Travel Tips

San antonio travel tips

Google what to do in San Antonio and you will get a list of ideas. Places to see, where to walk, what to enjoy and just maybe, how to get there. But what about all the great places that the locals enjoy in their city? Where are those places and are they just as fun as the tourist spots? What is the easiest way to get around if you don’t have a car so you can take in those hidden gems. Don’t worry, I have answers for you.

Let’s at least start with a few of the obvious reasons of why we went to San Antonio, then I will get into the stuff that will really help you get around and enjoy your time.
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Spending a Day in Portland

The Stone House in Forest Park Portland, OR

The Stone House in Forest Park Portland, OR

I love my city. There is so much to do here, and when the sun is shining there is no place I would rather be. My all time love of the city is the food scene, but I love to combine that with some of the other great features of our city…Hiking, right in the city. [Read more…]

For the Love of Seattle

View from the Space Needle

I love this city. It’s such a great place to vacation. They have so much to offer including lots and lots of great places to eat. And let me be honest, we pretty much ate our way through Seattle. Most places we went to were crowded and I am a shy girl and hate to pull out my camera to take pictures, but I will let you know what we ate and what we thought anyways. We had already done the Seattle Underground a few years back. We have also did the the Space Needle at that time too. Read on to find out how to get around Seattle without a car. It’s so easy. [Read more…]

What To Do In Portland When It’s Raining

What to do in Portland When it's Raining

We have had a ton of rain this winter and spring. So finding something to do in Portland when it’s raining has been high on our list. Here is a list of 20 plus things you can do in Portland when it’s raining. [Read more…]