Games to Play While Standing in Amusement Park Lines

I only bring this subject up because summer is approaching quickly and for those that can only go during the summer you must endure the lines and therefore you must have a plan. I was reading on another blog about a Disneyworld vacation and he … [Continue reading]

Vacation Memories- Through the Years

As I have stated many times and as you can tell by my blog name we are a roller coaster family.  It is something we truly enjoy and something we have done for years. The memories we have created are priceless.  We started when my son was in 1st … [Continue reading]

9 Steps to Do Cedar Point on a Budget

If you are looking for a frugal Cedar Point Vacation, I have the information you are looking for. Here are 9 steps to do Cedar Point affordably and do it well. 1. Be flexible about when you can go.  If you go earlier in the season or later in … [Continue reading]

5 Easy Hikes in the Gorge

Truth is there are more than 5 easy hikes, but these are super easy to get to, and they are all very close together on the Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway.  As with most hiking in Oregon you can choose to go farther at nearly every stop.  Got to love … [Continue reading]

Top 7 FREE Things To Do When in Portland, OR

My niece is coming to visit and she has never been to Portland  before, so we are looking for all the places we HAVE to take her while she is here.  If you do live in Portland, I most certainly hope you have been to most if not all of these places. … [Continue reading]

More Cheap San Diego

There were great discoveries we made on this trip.  I love it, because she lives there and knows all the great places and then we stumble upon something so great that neither of us knew about.  It makes it like a vacation for both of us and that's … [Continue reading]

San Diego on the Cheap

My best friend moved to San Diego over a year ago, so I make trips down to see her on occassion.  Our trips really just end up with us eating our way through all of San Diego, but we have also found some great hikes, walks and of course EATS. For … [Continue reading]

6 Steps to Planning the Perfect Rollercoaster Vacation

These steps can also be done with any amusement park, even Disneyland or Disneyworld (although they are open all year long).  I always like to get the most out of my trip, so here is how I go about it. 1.    What is the opening date of the park? … [Continue reading]

Tips for El Cid and Mazatlan

There were a few things that I had somehow missed when I was reading up on our vacation.  First off I guess we were not allowed to wear shorts into some of the dining rooms.  We went to the Italian place and it said on a sign out front no shorts or … [Continue reading]

Review of Mazatlan Mexico

Ok, we are not fans of Mazatlan.  Its a very loud busy city with lots and lots of traffic.  We chose this place because my daughter found a killer deal and we decided to make the best of it. There is a pretty drive you can take along the coast line … [Continue reading]