Getting Ready to Hit the Rides Again

It's been over year since we have been on a roller coaster. It was last June right before my back surgery. It was so much fun, but it's been way too long. We are in the process of figuring out annual trip that we take every year with our kids. … [Continue reading]

Fairs and Festivals in the Pacific Northwest

The Tigard Balloon Fest is already over, but don't worry with these lists you won't miss another Fair or Festival. … [Continue reading]

Another Staycation in Portland

Both of our kids are going to be gone for a whole week. We started to look through some options of where we could go. I started my usual searches with Living Social and Groupon. I even found some pretty good deals, we even had some free … [Continue reading]

For the Love of Seattle

I love this city. It's such a great place to vacation. They have so much to offer including lots and lots of great places to eat. And let me be honest, we pretty much ate our way through Seattle. Most places we went to were crowded and I am a shy … [Continue reading]

Vacationing in Turkey

Turkey is one of those places I would love to visit. While living in Germany someone bought our van from us to take it to Turkey. That's the closest we ever came. … [Continue reading]

Vacations in Tenerife

Looking for an international vacation destination? Many will choose well known locations like Paris or Rome. Have you even considered Tenerife, which is located in the Canary Islands? The Canary Islands are located just off the coast off the west … [Continue reading]

Seattle on a Budget

We are spending a day in Seattle. The whole trip is based around us taking our daughter and a friend on a college visit. Since we lived in Portland we thought we would ride the train. Did you know that Amtrak offers discounts for college visits?  … [Continue reading]

7 Car Rental Tips

You trip is coming together. You are so excited to get out of town, but you still have to book that car rental. Unfortunately it will take some time, but don't kill yourself looking for the killer deal. Here are quick tips to make sure you got it … [Continue reading]

Top 10 Summer Travel Destinations

Well I supposed it depends on what kind of vacation you like but here at what seems to be the Top 1o Summer Travel Destinations for 2011. 10. Seattle, Washington - I do love this place and yes, you do need to go in the summer, due to all the … [Continue reading]

My Top 10 Favorite Thrill Rides

  11. Grizzly :: Great America, CA - I know, this makes it 11, but I only added this one because it's the coaster my header is taken from. I love that picture, makes me feel like I am going for a ride. 10. Flight Deck :: Great America, CA … [Continue reading]