12 Things To Do In Astoria

We drove down from Long Beach, Washington and arrived in Astoria on a Sunday and their Farmers Market was going on. We wandered through and decided to just stop and grab a bite to eat while we waited for our room to open up. We started with lunch at … [Continue reading]

Hiking and Eating in Long Beach Washington

For our anniversary we decided to head to Astoria, Oregon since we hadn't been there in a few years. It's a great little town on the Northern Oregon Coastline with great food options. There was a hotel we went to a few years back, that we loved, and … [Continue reading]

Mirror Lake Hike

Portland!  You not only have the city, but the beach and the mountains can be reached within just over an hour. This is a great hike for those in or around Portland or even those that are visiting Portland and want a great view of Mt. Hood. You … [Continue reading]

7 Ways to Score that Hotel Upgrade

It seems like scoring that great upgrade used to be a little easier than it is nowadays, but don't fear, it can be done with a few simple tricks. There are many travelers that say it's just the luck of the draw, but others say there really are … [Continue reading]

How to Road Trip Across Central Europe

  We started in Germany and made our way through Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Czech and finally back into Germany. Here's how we did it. We started by planning all our hotels out in advance. It takes away some of your … [Continue reading]

9 Ways to Save Money While Vacationing

This is a tough one.  We try really hard to have saved enough money that we don't have to skimp while on vacation.  But, I would rather choose to skimp if it meant at least taking a vacation. Plan your meals - Have it all worked out.  Know what … [Continue reading]

GasBuddy App Great for Traveling

It's Summer and that means travel. For some it means getting on a plane for others it means getting in your car. If you fly, you don't have choices, but if you drive you can try and cut some costs. If you haven't already done so,  you need to … [Continue reading]

Hood River Hotel

  If you have followed along at all you know that we love to get away to Hood River for a relaxing night away with great food and good coffee shops. It's such a romantic place to go, but it's also very much an outdoorsy place to … [Continue reading]

Justifying Ski Holidays in France

For people living around Portland it might be quite hard to justify going on a ski holiday to France as there are plenty of great resorts in the area, and France is an awful long way away. Yet skiing is all about exploring, and going down the same … [Continue reading]

2011 Hood River Hops Fest Giveaway

One of the places that we visit often is Hood River, OR.  For those of us living in Portland it's a great place to get away too. It's only an hour away, they have hiking, biking, breweries, wineries, the Fruit loop and great places to eat as well. … [Continue reading]