New York City

Looking from inside Central Park into the city

Looking from inside Central Park into the city

We leave for New York in a few days and we have never been before. I have my list of places I want to see and even some places to eat. When you plan you kind of get an idea of what you think a place will look like, so I’ve decided to make this a post about What We Expect to see, What we hope to see and then what we actually do and any other tips that we discovered along the way. September 2015

What We Expect and What We Hope to See

From pictures I picture this crazy big busy city with people everywhere, even in my space. I’m not a huge fan of big cities, but some you just have to see. I’m excited about seeing Time Square and love that we are very very close to it.

On our to do list we have Circle Line tour, Chelsea Market, Gotham Market, 9/11 Memorial, Central Park (which I picture being a respite from the city life) and hopefully out to Staten Island.

The weather was not the best, but we still enjoyed the view from inside the ferry

The weather was not the best, but we still enjoyed the view from inside the ferry

Traveling in the fall can be tricky, then add traveling to different climates and packing gets super tricky. Just remember you can always layer (aka wearing everything you packed). All that to say when we landed in New York City is was raining sideways. It took us a while to find our driver from Dial7, but once we did we were on our way to our vacation.

Top of the Rock in New York City

Top of the Rock in New York City


What We Actually Did in New York City

We had one full day and one half day to spend in New York. Unfortunately our full day was the worst weather day, but we still made the best of it. I was first struck by the fact that there weren’t crowds and crowds of people on the street, not like what I see in the movies anyways. Also their blocks are very large and cover a lot of ground, be warned if you are walking. Also Central Park is huge. I had no idea we wouldn’t even see half of it. Mostly NYC ended up being a lot of surprises to me.

Central Station NYC

Central Station NYC

We started walking towards Staten Island Ferry then grabbed the subway, which is super easy to use by the way, and saw all this along the way:

    Central Station and The Bull on Wall Street, which is quite the tourist attraction. We went by the 9/11 Memorial and took it all in without going into the museum. No Words.
9/11 Memorial

9/11 Memorial

    We took the free Staten Island Ferry to get us a good look at the Statue of Liberty and at the city skyline. On a clear day, this would be the perfect way to see the skyline and the price was sure right. Nonetheless we enjoyed it and took it all in despite the crummy weather.
Gotham Market nyc

Tapas from El Comado

We then used Uber to get us back more North. Our ride was nearly free because my brother had used uber for the first time earning me some $$$$!!!   We stopped by the Gotham Market for food. This is a great indoor food venue that has everything from tacos and burgers to a nice sit down restaurant and even a place to get ice cream. This was a great find. We ate at El Comado which was a Spanish Tapas bar. Service started out great then fell to pieces, but the food was good.

We then made our way to:

  • Time Square (we wanted to make sure we hit that at night for all the lights)
  • The Top of the Rock, which is at the top of the Rockefeller Center. (As cool as it was to see the city at night I think I would have preferred to do it during the day.)

After that we were exhausted and despite using the subway and Uber we still put on 10 miles of walking.

Beer inside Central Park.

Beer inside Central Park.

The next morning we started a bit later than we hoped. We enjoyed a good breakfast at The Smith, which we thought was pretty great. Looks like there are a few around town. We did a little shopping then made our way to Central Park. The weather had cooperated and we had sunshine beautiful sunshine. So then we had to stop for beers in the park to take it all in. Central Park is so huge we barely took in any of it. I would love to explore it more.

We walked around a little bit then we grabbed lunch at another food market on the edge of Central Park. It was quite a lazy day just people watching and taking in the sun, but we also knew we had a long flight ahead of us. So we gathered our things and headed to the airport for Italy.

What We Would Have Done Differently?

Added at least one more day. It was still fun to stop and see it, but we definitely needed more time. New York City is huge.

Most of our 3 week vacation was spent in Italy, that’s why we didn’t have much time in New York. We also ended our trip with some time in Boston.

First off let me explain why we attached those 2 stateside cities to our itinerary. Using one of our credit cards we had enough points to fly Alitalia from the East Coast to Rome. So we used our Southwest passes to get us to New York, then home from Boston. Plus it broke up the flight for us West coast travelers which ended up being really nice and helping with our jet lag.




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