Sights And Tastes Of Moscow, Russia

Photo by Maria via

Photo by Maria via

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’m hoping to talk Amy into a trip to St. Petersburg, Russia in the not-so-distant future (St. Petersburg, Russia: The Venice Of The North). A second place I’d like to visit during the same trip is Moscow. Similar to St. Petersburg, Moscow offers more than we will likely be able to take in during a single trip. I’m starting to put together a list of things I’d like to do while in Moscow, along with places I’m hearing and reading are worth trying. This is a starter list for our trip planning and hopefully something to whet your appetite a bit.

How To Get There And Where To Stay

Of the four major airports in Moscow, the Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) and the Domodedovo International Airport (DME) are the two main ones. Flights to Moscow from the United States go for as cheap as $350 round trip. Just make sure you pack your ushanka hat if you plan to go on the cheap side as it will likely be during the dead of winter.

Moscow hotels are also easy to come by. I would personally stick to more mainline hotel options for a first trip to Moscow, in an area that’s convenient to what you plan on doing and seeing. Plenty of safe options are available with a little research and asking around those who have travelled there.

My Must See And Do List

Initially I wanted to visit Red Square and that was about it. Of course there is plenty more to see and do. Here are some of the must see things on my growing list for Moscow:

  • Red Square – St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum and the Kremlin are all located here. This is one of my “bucket list” sights, and easily top of the must see list for Moscow.
  • Gorky Park – Opened in 1928, the park was completely renovated in 2011. The roller coaster will be a must ride attraction.
  • Pushkin Square – Great place for people watching.
  • Bolshoi Theatre – I’d like to see a ballet or opera here.
  • Moscow City Race or Moscow ePrix – They have held races on city streets in Moscow the last few years. I’d love to experience one of these first hand.

Places To Eat

Photo by Scuba Mami via

Photo by Scuba Mami via

An important part of any trip we take is the food. Amy LOVES food and finding little places the average person wouldn’t normally look for, both in our home city as well as abroad. Although she hasn’t quite warmed up to the idea of a trip to Moscow, I’m hoping some of my research into places to eat will help bring her around. Here’s what I have so far:

  • Noah’s Ark – A four-course Armenian meal for $20? Sign me up!
  • Stolovaya No. 57 – A recreated worker’s cafeteria in the GUM Department Store off Red Square, the menu has some interesting choices like “herring under a fur coat” and “pigeon’s milk cake”.
  • Cafe Khachapuri – I’d like to try the Khachapuri, a yeasty bread that is stuffed with salty, pickled Georgian suluguni cheese. You can order it with a raw egg on top that cooks while it sits on your table.
  • Coffee Mania – This coffee shop has come up over and over again as a must visit place for award winning coffee.
  • Aldebaran – A recommendation, especially for fair weather days in Moscow.

There is plenty more to be added to this list, but it’s a start for a trip to this interesting city. Every time I come across something about Moscow, or start to do a little more research on the city, I get more and more excited about our eventual trip there. What would you suggest adding to the list of places to see or eat at?


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