Our Favorite Trips of 2014

This year took us on roads we had never been down before.

This year took us on roads we had never been down before.

This year brought lots of changes for us. Our youngest child graduated and left home leaving us as Empty Nesters. Having the desire to travel more and the freedom (sorry kids those sport schedules were tough to work around) we decided to try more weekend vacations. Before he graduated though we did a trip that was many years in the planning. Germany!

Beautiful Rothenburg Germany

Beautiful Rothenburg Germany

Probably the most memorable trip of the year was our Germany trip. We lived there and our daughter was born there 21 years ago. Our dream has always been to take her back and show her her very first home. The trip was even more enjoyable as our friends that lived there while we did, joined us on this trip down memory lane.

We saw old favorites and discovered new places we had never been. It was a whirlwind trip, but most definitely our favorite trip of the year.

Astoria, Oregon

Astoria, Oregon

Staying close to home and taking advantage of all the things within a few hours of us we rediscovered Astoria. Brewery and foodie heaven that place is. Not mention all the great outdoor hikes you can do to work it all off.

Chasing waterfalls. That's what we do.

Chasing waterfalls. That’s what we do.

We have spent tons of time in Central Oregon, but often times we go to the Sunriver Resort as we pass through Bend. I kept telling my husband that we need to go spend some time in Bend. We finally got that added to our calendar and had the best time ever. Tons of outdoor activities to be enjoyed all year long, plus great food and so much beer they have an Ale Trail.

One of the many Missions in San Antonio. I loved that they still used the churches for services.

One of the many Missions in San Antonio. I loved that they still used the churches for services.

San Antonio was a blast. It took some research but we discovered some pretty amazing food. We walked a ton in this city and enjoyed every minute of it.

We took in Colorado for a quick weekend trip when we went to visit our son there. I had never been to the Rockies so that was a treat. We had snow and sunshine. It was the perfect getaway.

hiking phoenix

Phoenix was probably one of favorite weekend getaways. We left as Portland was expecting snow and landed in beautiful, sunny Arizona. The hiking is spectacular there, both within the city and just an hour or so outside the city. So much to see and do. Thanks to our daughter that lives there we were also able to enjoy some good food.

Do you see a theme here? We like to eat good food, but in my defense I did refrain from just posting food pics.

Any favorite vacations from 2014?

Here’s another favorite trip we recently enjoyed.


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