14 Travel Tips for Seattle

Things to do in SeattleWe arrived to Seattle by train and from there we explored as many different types of transportation that we could, including lots of walking. Since we didn’t have our own personal transportation we decided to go it the whole way with just backpacks. The first thing we decided to do was drop our packs in our boutique hotel , The Roosevelt. From there we had the freedom to experience all of Seattle.

There are all the usual suspects of Seattle like the Space Needle, Pike Place and Starbucks coffee. Yet there is so much more to see and do in this great city. Finding a cheap place to stay is tough, but not out of the question (I have a few suggestions).  And there is a lot of ground to cover, so check out how we did it without completely killing ourselves.

Our 1st AirBnB on Bainbridge Island

Our 1st AirBnB on Bainbridge Island


  1. Hotels are expensive. Try your hand at Hotwire for some last minute deals. We did Hotwire and we got a 4 star Boutique hotel for $160 a night and stayed for 2 nights. Considering most places were $300+ we felt we scored a pretty good deal.  Looking for a better deal? Don’t stay in the downtown area. We wanted to be close to the ferry’s, the train station and some of the major attractions, so it worked best for us.
  2. AirBnB’s are another great way to stay for an affordable price. We did our first AirBnB in Bainbridge on our 3rd night and I think I’m already hooked. How could we not be with that cute cottage by the pond?

seattle things to do

The Gum Wall in Seattle

The Gum Wall in Seattle


  1. Check out the Gum Wall. Actually it’s practically gum ally now. It’s right below the Public Market sign. “If you see gum on the street, leave it there. It isn’t free candy.” (from the movie Elf)
  2. Ride Seattle’s Great Wheel. It’s one of the biggest ferris wheels in the United States.
  3. Do the underground tour, it’s actually a lot of fun.

biscuit bitch seattle


  1. Eat at one of the Tom Douglas restaurants like Serious Pie. There will probably be a wait, but it’s worth it.
  2. Have a biscuit sandwich from Biscuit Bitch. I won’t lie, the name drew me in, but the line kept me there. I had to know what it was about.
  3. Grab coffee at Caffe Ladro. There are quite a few locations around town and it’s great coffee and tea. We sought out a few of them.

Check out My Guide for Where to Eat in Seattle for even more ideas.


Bikes came with helmets, locks and even a bungee cord to keep your pack on

Bikes come with helmets, locks and even a bungee cord to keep your pack on


  1. Don’t be afraid to be there without a car. We used Lyft and we loved it. Just download the app to your phone and you can call a car whenever you need one. The longest we waited was 5 minutes for a car. Use this referral code for a free ride  up to $25.  AMY006544
  2. Take the Water Taxi over to West Seattle. From there you can ride a free shuttle. One goes to a shopping district and one goes to Alki Beach. You can walk along Alki beach all the way back to the ferry. It’s beautiful. There are all kinds of places to eat and you can even grab a coffee for your stroll along the water if you like.
  3. Take the ferry to Bainbridge Island. It’s another great way to see the city from a completely different angle. You can take in all of Seattle as you are swept away to another  island. Rides over cost just $8 and it’s free to ride back to Seattle.
  4. On Bainbridge Island rent bikes. Right as you get off the ferry you will see Bainbridge Bike Rentals. You can rent a bike for a few hours, half day, even over night. No matter what you choose your bike will come with a helmet, bike lock and a rack on back complete with a bungee cord to hold things in place.
  5. Ride the monorail. One of the starting spots is at the Space Needle. You can ride this monorail right into downtown Seattle saving your legs for the city hills. Better yet, ride the monorail from downtown all the way out to the Space Needle since there is so much to see around there.
  6. Be willing to walk. There is so much to see right along the water front and even up a few streets, like Pike Place, but you must be willing to walk some. Make sure you have good shoes so you can take it all in.

What are your favorite places to seek out when you are in Seattle?

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  1. Seattle is a great city to visit and the public transportation makes it totally easy to get around on the cheap!

  2. Great tips! I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle. Not sure how I feel about that gum wall, though…

  3. I’m so close to Seattle and yet I feel like I’ve never properly seen the city. Whenever I go, its usually passing through on the way to the airport, or a shopping trip. I’ve been itching to do one of those underground tours. They sound so fascinating and I’ve never been to the gum wall despite going to pike place all the time! Gotta go for another visit soon.

  4. I think Seattle is the only city I’ve visited where I absolutely couldn’t find an affordable place to stay – but I still want to go back! I’m glad you managed to find a deal.

  5. Haha, I won’t lie, it’s a bit gross.

  6. Yeah, it is crazy expensive and even more expensive that it was even 2 years ago. Part of the problem is they have raised minimum wage with Seattle city limits and we did notice a difference.

  7. Yeah, definitely make time to do the underground. It’s actually very historical with lots of humor. Even great for kids. Plus it’s the whole reason the underground is there, is kind of crazy in itself.

  8. I loved the underground tour! Good tips.

  9. Thanks for sharing your tips for getting around Seattle! I would love for my family and I to have a good plan before we even land in the Seattle airport. It’s really nice to know that walking is a good option for getting around the city. In fact, I think that it would be nice to just spend a day walking and exploring Seattle!

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