Why You Must See Oneonta Gorge

The stunningly beautiful Oneonta Gorge

The stunningly beautiful Oneonta Gorge

Let’s start here. How do you even pronounce it? I say On-ee ANH- tuh, but a hiking site also suggests oh-nee-ANH-tuh. All that to say, I’m pretty close. Either way, people will think you will know what you are talking about.

Here is why you must visit Oneonta Gorge:

  1. Every picture you have ever seen on Instagram or Pinterest is just as spectacular as the real thing.
  2. It’s like no other hike you will ever do.
  3. You are probably planning on going to Multnomah Falls anyways, just drive an extra mile and walk through Oneonta Gorge.

My kids had both been so I knew I needed to wear clothes I could swim in. I had on my workout shorts, tank top and my Nike Frees.  Others must not have known what this trail was about because we saw people in jeans, designer boots and very nice clothes. As we were leaving we also saw someone with a stroller. Since it’s stairs just to get down to the creek, I’m assuming they didn’t go far. As for the rest,  I’m sure most of those people didn’t make it the whole way because at one point you do need to swim or at least be tall enough to walk through.

Oneonta Falls at the end of Oneonta Falls

Oneonta Falls at the end of Oneonta Falls

Walking through Oneonta Gorge is just stunning.

Walking through Oneonta Gorge is just stunning and as you can also see it’s all through water too.

Even if you aren't dressed appropriately doesn't mean you can't do it.

Even if you aren’t dressed appropriately doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

I added this last picture because this guy in the orange shirt was cracking me up. He kept saying “I didn’t know, I didn’t know” And all the while he had a huge smile on his face. His wallet was still in his pocket, he had on shoes & socks and he was wearing jeans that he tried to roll up but eventually he got wet all the way up to his chest. He had to catch a flight to Dallas after this little adventure. All that to say, come prepared, but even if you aren’t…. you can still do it!

Here are 5 Easy hikes to do in the Gorge. You could easily tag on one of these after you finish Oneonta and you could dry off while you hike.

Did you know that the Gorge is one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon.

What We Discovered:

  • Make sure you have a waterproof bag for your keys and iPhone or any other gadgets that cannot get wet.
  • There is a giant log jam that you must make your way over. I knew this ahead of time, but it was much bigger than I expected.  Everyone is very helpful and willing to lend a hand to get your over and across. We saw all kinds of people crossing this log jam, kids included.
  • Walking through is incredibly surreal. The beauty is unmatched to any other hike I have ever done in the gorge.
  • Once you have made it all through the water you reach the waterfall where you have the opportunity to swim if you wish. Might as well, you are pretty wet at this point anyways.
  • Oneonta Gorge is about 30-40 minutes outside of Portland.

Utah also has some spectacular canyons you can hike in.  There is something about hiking in canyons. It’s filled with it’s own kind of beauty. The Canyons of Utah were much different than the ones here in Oregon.



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