Prague at Night never gets old

I could wander the streets of Prague all night long. So incredibly beautiful.

I had very fond memories of Prague from 20 years ago. We had actually been twice and each time was quite the adventure. Think small winding streets with no GPS. Finding the place you had rented, from a shack about 20-40 minutes out of town, was not as easy to find as one might think. One time we got there after dark and trying to read a map and maneuver the streets took us over an hour to find our room. This time was much easier.

I was so eager to get back and experience it all over again, except this time…in Spring. We really did do all the touristy things, but I loved it.

Things to do in Prague:

  • Old Town Square – This really is just a big open space, often times there will be some kind of entertainment here. We stumbled upon a few different ones.
  • Astronomical Clock – On the hour, every hour the clock has what was a spectacular mechanical performance. During the Middle Ages it was considered one of the wonders of the world. Now….It’s a little anticlimactic, but you have to watch it anyways.  If the crowd is large, you know it close to the top of hour.
  • Charles Bridge – Walking across the bridge is as spectacular as it sounds. No matter which way you walk the view is stunning. The entertainment on the bridge is a little bit of everything. Read on to see what I’m talking about.
  • Tour the Prague Castle grounds – You know it’s big from looking at it across the river, but you realize just how big it is once you are actually walking around. There are some great views, gift shops and places to grab a bite.
  • Eat the Trdlenik – This great little treat we discovered in Cesky Krumlov and we had heard it would be all over Prague and it was.
  • Find the Narrowest Street in Prague – Cross the Charles Bridge to the castle side. Off to the right you will have to search for the narrowest,  unnamed street in Prague. It’s so narrow that they have a street light to allow traffic to only flow in one direction at a time.
Old Town Square Prague Czech

Old Town Square Prague Czech


Along the river in Prague

Along the river in Prague

Sunset in Prague

Sunset in Prague


Prague is beautiful at night

Prague is beautiful at night


Narrow Streets of Prague

Narrow Streets of Prague – There is a light so you know if you can go or if you have to wait for others

Only one way at a time on these "streets"

Only one way at a time on these “streets”

entertainment on the Charles Bridge

The entertainment on the bridge was entertaining to say the least.

Old Town Square in Prague

Old Town Square at Night

Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square


The weather had been off and on as we made our way to Prague on our Central European roadtrip, but once we actually got to Prague the sun came out and the weather cooperated. We chose to stay right near the Charles Bridge so we could wander both side of the river and take it all in. Prague had already won my heart years ago, and this trip confirmed it even more.

What we discovered:

  • The cars don’t stop for you at all in. EVER. As a matter of fact I think they actually speed up.
  • There is plenty to do that is Free, but I do regret not stopping at the Jewish Cemetery which we chose not too because there was a fee and there was 10 of us.
  • Trdlnek is every where around town, unless of course you get a hankering at 8:00 at night, then it’s pretty hard to find.
  • We walked a ton, and we were able to take in everything we wanted. We never got in our car.
  • 2 Days is quite a rush to get it all in, but it can be done.
  • Everything is in English. Twenty years ago the 2nd language was German.

We booked an apartment through Most of our Central European Roadtrip was booked with that sight and we had no complaints. We had 2 apartments that we were renting. Ours had a small downstairs apartment with a loft room that our family slept in. The other apartment our friends were in was much bigger (there were 6 of them) and had a great funky layout to it. Both were clean and were a great location. They were called the Charles Bridge Apartments.


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  1. I love Prague! I spent a lot of time there in my 20s and will always hold that city in my heart. How fun that you stayed right by the bridge. I agree, though, that 2 days is not enough, but if you walk everywhere, you can get a good feeling for the center of the city in that much time.

  2. Yeah, Prague does steal your heart. That’s the reason we ventured back to see it one more time.


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