12 Things To Do In Astoria

Astoria, Oregon

Astoria, Oregon

We drove down from Long Beach, Washington and arrived in Astoria on a Sunday and their Farmers Market was going on. We wandered through and decided to just stop and grab a bite to eat while we waited for our room to open up. We started with lunch at Clemente’s, which was fabulous. You can read all about it here and you can also checkout 8 Places to Dine in Astoria, Oregon.

Astoria Trolley

Astoria Trolley

Astoria has quite a bit to do, especially if you are wiling to drive a bit and hit some of the parks and enjoy some walking and hiking. If you don’t want to leave Astoria make sure you take in these things:

  • The Riverwalk
  • The Trolley
  • The Astoria Column. I think its about 165 steps to the top, but worth it for the views. Don’t forget to get your airplane at the gift shop before you go up. This is the one thing you are allowed to throw over the edge.
  • Goonies House,
  • Kindergarten Cop House and School
  • Short Circuit House. Just to name a few.
  • Visit the Breweries
  • Sunday Farmers Market that closes off 2 blocks
  • Flavel House
  • Oregon Film Museum – if you like Goonies go through this museum
  • Maritime Museum
  • Enjoy some great food
Even though it is a private residence you can still walk up and see it

Even though it is a private residence you can still walk up and see it

Goonies was filmed in Astoria and this is the house

Goonies was filmed in Astoria and this is the house

This is taken from the Riverwalk in Astoria

This is taken from the Riverwalk in Astoria


We stayed at the Hotel Elliot. This place costs a little more but the rooms are spectacular. It’s an older hotel that has great upkeep. All the bathroom floors are heated and all rooms come with robes. The absolute best part is it’s the only hotel in Astoria that has a rooftop that you can enjoy. One couple had brought up there dinner, another couple was enjoying some wine. We were sitting by the gas fire just watching the big cargo ships navigate the narrow entry into the Columbia river as we watched the sunset.

For a cheaper nights stay check out the Commodore Hotel. We have not stayed there but after stopping and checking out the lobby and attached coffee shop we will definitely try it out next time.

The downtown area has so much to offer and it’s a great town to walk around. Park your car and enjoy your stay. Once you have done all you can here, head either towards Washington and Hike Up to Cape Disappointment or head south to Fort Stevens. Either way you are in for a treat.


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  1. I’ve lived in Portland for 20 years and it took me about that long to discover how much I love this place. I hope to spend a long weekend with the Mrs. soon and stay at the Hotel Elliot. If you haven’t hit the tasting room at North Coast Distilling, (around the corner from the Elliot), their gin is very tasty. Enjoyed your Astoria stories.

  2. We tried to hit that distillery but it wasn’t open on the days we were there. Now I’m really bummed.


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