7 Ways to Score that Hotel Upgrade

how to get hotel upgrades

It seems like scoring that great upgrade used to be a little easier than it is nowadays, but don’t fear, it can be done with a few simple tricks.

There are many travelers that say it’s just the luck of the draw, but others say there really are ways to work that upgrade.  Next time you travel try a few of these ideas and see for yourself.

  1. Stay just 1 Night :: If you stay for the just the 1 night chances of getting that upgrade are better.  They might be more willing to give it away for 1 night as opposed to 2 nights.
  2. Come in Late :: If you come in later most of the regualar rooms should be full and they might have to upgrade you.
  3. Go During a Convention :: Most conventions book out all the same rooms.  Show up to that hotel and if all those rooms are booked chances are you can get an upgrade.
  4. Be Nice :: If you come in tired and exhausted and remain very polite, sometimes the front desk will see this and offer you something better.
  5. Be Memorable :: If you travel a lot be nice and make yourself memorable.  Make them like and want to offer you upgrades and discounts on parking or whatever it may be.
  6. Mention Why You Are There :: If you are traveling for a birthday or anniversary let them know.  When we went to Hood River for our anniversary they upgraded us and threw in a free wine tasting.
  7. Ask :: Don’t be shy ask for that upgrade, you never know.

The person that holds the most power for upgrades, is the one working the front desk. The most important thing to remember is…..If they say no, just say thank you. You aren’t always going to get the upgrade, but it never hurts to ask.


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