Hood River Hotel


Breakfast from the Hood River Hotel

Breakfast from the Hood River Hotel

If you have followed along at all you know that we love to get away to Hood River for a relaxing night away with great food and good coffee shops. It’s such a romantic place to go, but it’s also very much an outdoorsy place to go.

This time we stayed at the Hood River Hotel right in downtown Hood River. It’s the best location since it’s walking distance from all these great restaurants and coffee shops. Plus they serve a pretty mean breakfast. You will get a $10 gift certificate that comes with your stay to go towards your breakfast.

This is our 2nd stay and it will probably be our last time staying. We really do like it and we want to really, really like it enough to stay again, but it’s just old.  I think they keep it plenty clean, I mean it smelled great when we walked in, but it’s just old and dingy. The showers are older. The floors creeked so much. The people above us got up early and walked around for hours. So needless to say we were awake by 6, even though we didn’t actually get up til 8:30.

I am a hotel snob, so don’t write it off. Trust me, this place is always busy and because of the fact that it’s so old, it’s kind of fun to stay in. Just be warned, it’s not brand new or renovated for that matter.

Even if we don’t stay here, we might make our way back just to eat or listen to some of their fun live music.

Check out the places we ate. We ate at Celilo for dinner and lunch. Yep, that good, we went back. We did a dinner at 3 Rivers Grill and of course our breakfast here at the hotel. In the past we have also stopped at Double Mountain Brewery for great beer and wood fire pizza.


We did go back. We told them about our last experience and the kindly put us on the 3rd floor and our stay was pleasant.  It’s so hard to not stay here because of the location.  Thanks Hood River Hotel for making our stay enjoyable.  We will be back.


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  1. Thanks for your kind words about our historic old hotel. Sort of. We admit it — we’re old. For most of our guests, that’s the appeal. They love history, and that fact that we’ve restored this property to a glory greater than it offered 100 years ago. We’re constantly upgrading rooms, and just recently completed a project to resurface all of our showers with a durable, waterproof and slip-resistant epoxy coating. Check it out, the next time you’re visiting us. Yep, we still have the $10 voucher for each room to credit against the cost of breakfast, still have the great breakfast, and still host live music in the evenings. Nice.


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