Justifying Ski Holidays in France

For people living around Portland it might be quite hard to justify going on a ski holiday to France as there are plenty of great resorts in the area, and France is an awful long way away. Yet skiing is all about exploring, and going down the same runs all the time loses its appeal a bit. Checking out a new part of the world is definitely worth it if you are an avid skier, and it’s a great excuse to do some traveling.

The skiing in France differs quite considerably from what you will find in America. There is a bit more control, and resorts like Alpe d’Huez and Chamonix tend to have groomed terrain and less dedicated to off-piste. Off-piste slopes are also not patrolled so if you venture into that area you are truly on your own. This can be a negative for some extreme skiers, yet most will love the abundance of perfectly groomed piste.

The skiing in France is also incredibly varied. Many resorts, like Espace Killy, give you access to multiple mountains. With miles and miles of runs you can ski for days on end and never repeat the same runs; this is great for those who love to combine a little exploration with their skiing.

While the skiing may be different, there is one really big reason to take a ski holiday in France: it takes you to France! This is one of the most amazing countries in the world, and it has incredibly memorable food, scenery and culture. You can get a taste of this country while enjoying a fantastic skiing experience. Additionally, you can always take a day trip to towns close to the Alps like Lyon, or venture even further afield to see the Eifel Tower in Paris, the City of Lights.

At the end of the day, taking a ski holiday to France is a significant trek – yet with great skiing, food and the chance to see more of this amazing country it might well be worth it.

This guest post was provided by Lucas Macri who enjoys finding affordable ways to take extravagant vacations.


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