Another Staycation in Portland

Wahclella Falls

Both of our kids are going to be gone for a whole week. We started to look through some options of where we could go. I started my usual searches with Living Social and Groupon. I even found some pretty good deals, we even had some free airfare.

But, in the end we decided to save the hotel money and do more things around Portland. There are several things we can do and many different directions we can go. So if you are looking for a staycation in Portland, I have some ideas.


Weather permitting, hiking is on my list. It’s one of my favorite summer activities. My husband doesn’t love it quite as much as I do, so I have found a great compromise. We are going to hike the Columbia Gorge, then make our way into Hood River and eat at 3 Rivers Grill.

I know, for us, any vacation or staycation is all about the food.

There are many hikes to do along the Columbia Gorge. There are 5 easy hikes and then then are many more adventuresome hikes. I have Multnomah Falls listed as easy, but take your time and hike to the top and it’s not so easy.

My plan to is to hike one we haven’t done yet.


During the month of June participating restaurants are offering a 3 course meal for just $25. We have checked the list and have saved some dates and plan to hit a few of these.


My favorite day spa, Abba day spa, has a special in the middle of the week. You can get a 1 hour massage for just $49. Since this week we will also be celebrating our 21 year anniversary, we are going to get a couples massage. Not only that but I will use my Spa Finder gift certificate as well making this a killer deal.

Watch Groupon and Living Social for more good deals on spas. They are a dime a dozen on there.


Again, weather permitting, I hope to walk on the waterfront in downtown Portland. I also have a Groupon from some of the food carts in the downtown area, so this might be a great time to cash in on one of those.

We know what to do in Portland if it’s raining. But hopefully we won’t have use our back up plan.

Looking for even more things to do in the Portland Area this summer? How about ::

Tigard Balloon Festival
St. Paul Rodeo
Oregon Brewfest
Fruit Beer Festival
Soapbox Derby

Just to name a few…..


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