For the Love of Seattle

View from the Space Needle

I love this city. It’s such a great place to vacation. They have so much to offer including lots and lots of great places to eat. And let me be honest, we pretty much ate our way through Seattle. Most places we went to were crowded and I am a shy girl and hate to pull out my camera to take pictures, but I will let you know what we ate and what we thought anyways. We had already done the Seattle Underground a few years back. We have also did the the Space Needle at that time too. Read on to find out how to get around Seattle without a car. It’s so easy.


We took the train. For $60 round trip it’s pretty sweet. You spend the 3.5 hours reading, talking and not thinking about traffic. It’s great.

The whole reason for our visit was to take our daughter and her friend on a college visit. Because of that they got a discount on their train fare.


Once you get off the train you have to walk…wait for it…..1 block. From that point on you are in the free fare zone (unfortunately it’s not longer free, but the train station is walking distance to downtown Seattle). Chances are you have a hotel in that area, so no need to grab a taxi. We don’t ride the bus system ever anywhere, but it’s pretty easy to figure out.

We walked. Our motel was only about a mile away from the train station. And honestly after sitting on the train, I was ready to stretch my legs and look around.

As we walked we stumbled upon many happy hours. I used my Happy Hour app for Seattle, called Cocktail Compass. By the way Portland has one too, not sure about other cities though.


Where to start??

We stopped at Lola, which is a Tom Douglas restaurant. This place was packed. Now mind you, we are carrying back packs. But we make our way to the bar and grabbed some great eats.

Salmon cakes, red pepper humus and chicken and pork kebabs, plus 2 beers. The portions were small, but so great. We decided not to order more, but instead hit another happy hour later.

We made our way to hour hotel. (more on that in a minute) dropped off our things and hit the city again. I had scoped out more eats earlier in the week.

We went to Amber. Great place, great ambiance. Again we bellied up to the bar. We ordered the Kobe beef sliders (these are why we came), 2 pizzas, that turned out to be rather large. An order of ribs, because they told us we needed too and a bowl of their house made Clam Chowder. We also ordered 2 cocktails, that were happy hours specials and 2 beers.

Amber was amazing. We had way to much food. Partially because it was our second Happy Hour, although it was over an hour between and almost 1 mile of walking. We had earned it, right?

The bill for the 2 places were exactly the same. If you want quality, special and unique fare, make your way to Lola, just expect to pay more, but it’s worth every penny.

If you want great eats, I mean great happy hour eats that’s not typical fried bar food, and you want it at a great price, head to Amber.

Both will make you happy.


Both times we stayed in Seattle we used Hotwire. Last time we ended up at the W Hotel.  This was the epitome of a 4 star hotel. Beautiful, sleek and amazing. It felt like luxury. The price for this 2 years ago was just $119. I just looked up a 4 star and found one for $125 a night for Pike Place area. Not sure what hotel it is, but you get the idea. I thought earlier I had found the Westin for $100 a night.

We found a boutique hotel for just $106 a night and it was a 4 star too, Edgewater Hotel, I told you about it here, and I was so excited.

Well, the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle was so incredibly disappointing. Disappointing is an understatement. I think they earn their 4 star because they are on the water. The rooms lack 4 star quality. Check out the pictures of Edgewater Hotel here. Trust me it was worse than it looks.

Now we did end up with a city side, which is much smaller and not as nice as the water side, but let me remind you we were only viewing the city out of our last hotel a few years back. The room did not make up for the lack of view. We never thought twice about our view last time, we were so pleased with our room.

The beds were hard and there was nothing luxurious about the decor. As a matter of fact the decor was down right awful. The beds in this 4 star hotel were log beds with like ugly bedding. The rooms were tiny. Again we stayed in a 4 star in CA once with tiny rooms, but the rooms were amazing.

When asked at the front desk what we thought, we told them there is no way this should be a 4 star. I think at $106 a night it was an ok deal. But at $180-$200, which is the original cost of the room, I would have been pissed to say the least.

There are tons of bad reviews of this hotel on YELP. This is my favorite because she perfectly described what I thought of the place.

I have not written a review in years but  my experience here was so bad that I had to write something. I feel like they totally lead you on, on their website. My mom had a discount from Expedia so I used it. Even with that I still payed over a hundred dollars for a room that was less then even okay. We were promised a flat screen tv which we didn’t have, free internet which wasn’t free, they didn’t even have a continental breakfast which they had expressed was also included. The room was tiny we walked in and were literally on the bed. The whole feel of the room was dirty I think if I had not drank as much as I did that night I would not have laid on the bed. You know that it is bad when you both look at each other and say the only people who would find this luxury are people that live in a trailer park. The only nice feature was the bathroom. The decor is beyond horrible. Luckily I had the best person with me so we made the most of the night despite the hotel. Overall I give this a major thumbs down.

There is so much to see and do in Seattle. I barely touched on it. We did wander through the Pike Place Market. We also wondered through Pioneer Place. I wanted to go to Queen Anne, but we never made it over. Another trip I guess.


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