Vacationing in Turkey

Turkey is one of those places I would love to visit. While living in Germany someone bought our van from us to take it to Turkey. That’s the closest we ever came.

There is so much to see and do in Turkey and there are plenty of cheap holiday to Turkey. There are resorts in Istanbul, Antalya and Bordrum.

The off peak season for Turkey is April, May and October. During those months you will see less tourists, but you will still be able to enjoy good weather. The summer months of great weather last from April to September. There are 3 different coasts to choose from so having a sand and sea holiday is easy to do.

April and May are filled with many celebrations in Turkey. You can enjoy sporting events, craft exhibitions and even Turkish Children’s Day, which is held on April 23rd. This is a great event if you have kids along for your holiday. On this day the Turkish children travel to the Grand National Assembly and they replace the Turkish government for one day. That’s right, kids run the country for one day!

There is also a cartoonist festival, in which some of the greatest cartoonists compete against each other. If you are interested in different types of Turkish music you might want to attend the Ankara Film and Music Festival.

During the month of October there is a other list of things worth checking out, like the Ataturk Dam Watersports Festival. If you are interested in exploring more of Turkey’s culture they you might want to attend the Alanya International Culture and Arts Festival.

With cheap Turkey holidays there is plenty to see and do during these 3 months. What are you waiting for?

photo courtesy of myhsu at flickr


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