7 Car Rental Tips

You trip is coming together. You are so excited to get out of town, but you still have to book that car rental. Unfortunately it will take some time, but don’t kill yourself looking for the killer deal. Here are quick tips to make sure you got it right.

  1. Shop Around. Check the different companies and look at local car dealerships that might also offer car rentals.
  2. Look for Discounts. The usual sites like Hotwire, Priceline and Kayak. But also check with your insurance company, Entertainment book and online.
  3. Go Straight to the Companies Website. They run their own deals, that often time match up with coupons.
  4. Don’t get the gas package. When you do this you have to use as much as the gas as possible. You lose money if you bring it back with 2-3 gallons left in it. Especially with todays prices. Don’t choose the option where they gas it up for you either. Gas it up yourself right before you return it.
  5. Don’t get the insurance. They will try and make you all nervous about not having and you will begin to second guess your decision. Call your insurance agent, chances are your current insurance covers rental cars. Not only that but make a call to your credit card companies and see if they have any coverage for rental cars.
  6. Ask about additional fees. Can you drop it off early without a fee. What are the late fees? Can you drop it off at another location.
  7. Watch for fees, everywhere. You will get charged a fee if you pick it up at the airport, but you probably won’t be charged if you return it to the airport. So pick it up off site if you can.  Check your receipt for any additional fees you did not know about.  MSNBC warns about getting a ticket and not coming forward about it. Companies make you pay it and tack on a hefty fee. Same goes for electronic toll booths. Make sure you make the 20¢ payment so you are stuck with a $25 fine later.


Make sure you don’t worry yourself to death trying to get the absolute cheapest deal you can find.


I know. Don’t kill yourself trying to save $2.  Go with a company you have used and like. Find a coupon and book it and move on.

Today I went straight to Hertz. After looking through Hotwire and Priceline I ended up getting a better price by just going to the site and grabbing one of their deals.

I didn’t spend a ton of time after I realized that they all were about the same price. I just chose a company I liked and went with it.


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