Top 10 Summer Travel Destinations

Well I supposed it depends on what kind of vacation you like but here at what seems to be the Top 1o Summer Travel Destinations for 2011.

10. Seattle, Washington – I do love this place and yes, you do need to go in the summer, due to all the rain. Plenty to see.  We did the Underground Tour and loved it. We also hit Pikes place and the Space Needle, of course.

9. Europe – for those world travelers. Italy is a big destination as is Paris, France and Euro Disney. We have not been to Euro Disney, but we did pull up to the gates one time and longingly look in. We just didn’t have time to go, yep, that’s on the regret list too. At least we have done Paris a few times.

8. Alaska – Not only is this the time to cruise into Alaska, but it’s also a time when RVer’s make their way up. There are so many outdoor activities to choose from too. Something for everyone at this great out of the way state.

7. Vancouver, BC – We did this trip a few years back and had the time of our lives. Favorite part was biking around Stanley Park and walking around the, not yet complete, Athletes Village, for the Olympics.

6. Cedar Point – Yep, it’s not open in the winter, so the summer is the peak season and many flock to this great attraction. I know we have.

5. Los Angeles/San Diego – both of these beautiful cities made the list. Not only are there plenty of beaches to walk, surf and swim, but the food around the areas is great too. Always a big plus for me.

4. Las Vegas – I just don’t get this one. It’s HOT there during the summer. But with all the great motels, great pools attached to all those hotels and plenty to see and do in and around the city, it also makes the list as a top travel destination.

3. Hawaii – With plenty of sunshine and lots of islands to hop and enjoy it’s no surprise. Although I would choose this as a winter destination, not a summer, but it was on the list.

2. Disneyland/Disneyworld – Probably one of the busiest times to go, but many plan that Magical trip during the summer.

1. New York City – I have never been, but I would agree that this is probably a great summer destination.

What have I missed? What is one of your favorite summer destinations?


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