Seattle Underground

Seattle Underground

Seattle Underground

This was such a fun tour that we did. My kids do NOT like museums and tours and all that stuff because it ends up being a lot of talking and very little looking, or so it seems to them.  Here I am a grown adult and there are days I don’t want to listen to anyone blabber I just want to look around.

The thing I LOVE about the Seattle Underground is every tour guide seems to be a comedian on the side. No not some corny comedian, I mean legit, laugh out loud comedian. Ok, they are no Brian Regan, but you get the point. It’s a fun tour.

I think this tour is well worth your money and the time you might spend waiting for your turn.

I had a friend say they wouldn’t do it because they are too claustrophobic, but it is so big and open down there I never felt closed in. Although things like that don’t bother me, I just don’t think it would really bother anyone.

There is plenty of places to shop around and coffee shops to grab a drink at while you wait. Chances are, unless you are in a total off season, you will have to wait.

So grab the kids and head on down to the Seattle Underground. Plus this is a great thing to do in Seattle when it’s raining.


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