The Weekend in My City


I had a great day planned yesterday.  It included hiking in a place I had never been, going to a theater I hadn’t been to either and ending the day watching the sunset from a great location.

All that changed when we woke up to almost rainy weather.  I decided I wanted to stay closer to home, but still get out.

If you remember my husband and son are in CA eating at In n Out, leaving my daughter and myself here to fend for ourselves.  I just wanted to make sure we had a good, fun day.

So here is plan B.  We went to a Nature Preserve just miles from our house.  It’s fairly new and I had only been once and my daughter had never been.  I knew we could get in the hiking I wanted to do and she could take a camera and be in heaven doing her thing.

Little side note here, as much as we wanted to see some cool birds and such we only saw a cat.  Nonetheless the scenery was beautiful.

After the trail hike we headed over to a theater to watch a Eat, Love, Pray.  We both decided that we want to travel more.  Oh and eat more, because why not right?  We both enjoyed the movie.

From there we made our way back towards home to the newest pizza place in town for just a slice of pizza.  We were both too tired to cook and wanted something quick.  We both ate for $7 and were really full.

We went home, vegged for a bit and ended the day in bed eating fresh peaches and ice cream watching Definitely, Maybe, which was awesome.

I had coupons for the movie so we got in for $7 each and the pizza was $7 for both of us.  The whole day ended up costing us just $21.

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