Getting Away, Yet Close to Home


Day 1 -Today I am working on our 20 year anniversary trip that we will be taking.  Most people at this point do really big trips or re new their vows.  I actually wanted to do both, but because of my surgery and the cost of it, we will try and do an amazing trip, close to home on a budget.

My hope is to stay at the Columbia River Gorge Hotel  or Bonneville Hot Springs.  Let’s see if I can pull this off with a very small price tag.  We have chose this location for 2 reasons. 1) It’s only a little over an hour away and 2)I have always wanted to spend some time in Hood River.  It’s an up and coming food, wine and beer mecca and I want to experience it, all of it.  Often times the best places for people to vacation are right in your backyard, but we all choose to fly to someplace better.  Well, not this time.

Day 2 – I worked on it a lot yesterday and we finally came up with The Villas at Columbia River Gorge Hotel.  My husband has always wanted to stay there and it does look amazing.  The price for one night was around $250, but we managed to get it for $169 a night.

This is the crazy part, let me share with you how we got this deal.  We found it online at or  Even though we had seen it there we called the Hotel directly and asked about the price.  The guy said yes, he could do that price and he could also upgrade us to a better room, but it didn’t stop there he also threw in wine tasting for both of us that evening.

I really thought the days of calling the Hotel to ask for a better price were long gone.  I guess it never hurts to ask, then beg, then plead a little.

I know what you are thinking, $169 is not a budget vacation, but it is our 20th so we do have this splurge.

We are only staying there one night.  We are going to spend the next day in downtown Hood River because there are lots of shops, eateries ( I like to eat), breweries and wineries.  I want to take it all in.  Don’t worry, when I get back I will give you all the details of the places to go and things to see.  Plus the place we are looking to stay is a little cheaper, but not much. Hood River must be the place to be.

Hood River also has the Fruit Loop, tons of hiking in the Gorge, and a mecca for wind surfers and kite boarders. Most times we just pass through on the freeway, stopping for lunch or making a day trip nearby for a great hike, but we have never stayed and enjoyed Hood River.

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