Games to Play While Standing in Amusement Park Lines

Cedar Point ohio

I only bring this subject up because summer is approaching quickly and for those that can only go during the summer you must endure the lines and therefore you must have a plan.

I was reading on another blog about a Disneyworld vacation and he mentioned what they did to keep the kids occupied while in line and it made my think of our games we “invented” for a lack of better words.

So here are a few Coaster Family games to play while standing in line.

  1. Don’t stop moving. This one is funny as we sometimes get into peoples space making ourselves laugh which also is a good time waster.  The way this game works is you take the smallest steps possible and you never stop until you are at the front of the line.
  2. The Alphabet Game.  Pick a topic and go through the alphabet saying something within topic.  We usually do music, so we have done artists, bands and song tittles.  You can change things up for adults and do 70’s songs(if you need the challenge) and you can also do this with little kids naming animals. If you get stuck you might need to ask someone in line.
  3. Guess how many more coasters come buy before you get on.  This works well if you can see the coasters coming and going.  Then you count.  This is good in conjunction with the other games.  Winner chooses their seat.
  4. Risky places to bounce a super ball.  Yep, it’s exactly what you think it is. We get a super ball (or 2) and bounce it on the ground.  Sometimes the ground off to the side of a ramp leaving a ride.  It’s funny to have people watch you and they will help you rescue your ball.  We like to see how long one ball will last.  It can last up to a day or two.  Bonus:  We entertain those around us.
  5. Rock, Paper, Scissors.  It’s simple, but fun.
  6. Photo Guess.  We take a camera everywhere we go, so my husband made this game where we all had to turn our backs and close our eyes and he would take a super close up of something right there in line and we would have to figure out what it was.

Take advantage of this family time or even friend time if that is who you choose to go with. Put your phones down and enjoy each other and while you are at it, get others in line involved too.

What other games have you played while standing in line?  I know you have all gotten creative at some time or another.


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  1. PicklePaul says

    A good idea for waiting in line would be to take 1-2 pieces of sidewalk chalk (depending one how long the wait is) and just doodle inspiring things while you wait. You wouldn’t want to take so much chalk if you couldn’t bring it on the ride, but it wouldn’t be such a waste if you left the rest of the chalk for others to doodle.

  2. That would be a great idea and very fun also to see what people would add to it.


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