More Cheap San Diego

There were great discoveries we made on this trip.  I love it, because she lives there and knows all the great places and then we stumble upon something so great that neither of us knew about.  It makes it like a vacation for both of us and that’s fun.

Our first stop of the last day was not a new discovery, but when you live in Oregon you have to make a stop at least once when in California.


That’s right, we made our token stop at In-n-Out.  I got my burger and fries, while my friend watched me eat.

Ok, once we got that out of our system, or me out of my system, we continued on with our walking and eating fest.  We decided we wanted to do the Point Loma lighthouse hike.  I can’t remember how we found it and why we wanted to check it out.  We actually had other plans and kind of stumbled upon it I think.

But before we went we decided we needed a coffee.  We started looking for coffee shops and we found Con Pane Bakery.  We went in and I was disappointed to find that they didn’t have my white chocolate mocha.  They did have homemade butterscotch.  I don’t like butterscotch, but she insisted that I try it. It was so good.  I ordered it and drank it with no regrets.  As we were waiting in line (yes, this place was packed and the line was long) we saw a cinnamon roll that we decided we NEEDED to share.


You can see the homemade butterscotch drizzled across the top.  This was almost better than zinc.  I wouldn’t get the cinnamon roll again.  It was good, but not super gooey and that’s what makes for a good cinnamon roll.


Finally full of caffeine and ready for our last hour of our day before my flight.  We headed to Point Loma Lighthouse.


We did have to pay an entrance fee, that was around $5, per car.  We parked up close to the lighthouse and looked around.  It’s so cool because you are on this peninsula and you can see water all the way around.  So beautiful.  We noticed people down by the water and had seen the road on our way up, so we made our way down.


You could do a really long hike if you wanted or you could just wander around the beach too.  Since I was dressed and ready for a plane ride we chose not to hike.  The amazing thing was were just minutes from the airport, but you felt like you were out far away from everything.  There were not many people there, which made it nice.  We were sad that we hadn’t discovered this sooner, as neither one of us were ready to go.  We decided on our way out we would most definitely come back to this place.  My friend even said she was going to bring her family on a Staycation day.


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