Tips for El Cid and Mazatlan

mazatlan, mexico

There were a few things that I had somehow missed when I was reading up on our vacation.  First off I guess we were not allowed to wear shorts into some of the dining rooms.  We went to the Italian place and it said on a sign out front no shorts or flip flops allowed.  Well we were not prepared for anything else, we had brought nothing but shorts for the guys and my daughter and I had capris.  So we entered with our shorts and flip flops, although we looked nice.  There were people that were not dressed nice at all and no one was turned away.  So if you want to take extra clothes for some dinners go ahead, but it was never required.

The all inclusives are like being on a cruise ship, if you are familiar with that.  You order an appetizer, soup or salad and an entree.  Then you can end with dessert.  If you get something you don’t like you can order another thing.  So it’s great you get to try a lot of things.  The one disappointing thing is that we were there for 8 days and the menus never changed at the restaurants and they never had specials.  The La Cascada had a menu you could order off of, but they also had tacos and quesadilla that you could go up and have made at the counter.  We never tire of Mexican food so that was always great to fall back on.

We tipped on occasion.  I was under the understanding that it was all included and you could choose to tip if you wanted.  We tipped a few of our favorite waiters the day we left and gave them a big Thank You.

The other thing that you need to know is that for all dinners, except the buffet, you have to make reservations.  We had the choice of about 5 different restaurants.  One night we waited too long and weren’t able to get into the restaurant that we wanted.  But we also found that we could make reservations for the following nights at the same time so we didn’t have to think about it the next day.

When traveling around Mazatlan it’s the same as traveling around anywhere else in Mexico, work a deal with taxis.  My son, who loves to barter, really liked all that you could do in Mexico.  We had told the kids get into a taxi, but if it was too much just get back out.  We got out of a few before the guy would give us the deal we wanted.  One time the guy wanted to charge us 120 pesos and we already knew ahead of time it should cost more than 60-80, and we ended up talking him down to 80.  So be willing to walk, there are always more taxis. I tell you, there is a lot of traffic in Mazatlan!!

We were exchanging our money for pesos at the Motel and getting 12 to 1.  Which was great.  We found that out on the streets in the little shops you could do a little better, it was 12.3 to 1.  The other thing is they will take American money but they do a 10 to 1 exchange rate, so if you have your pesos ready you can get a better deal by paying with them after you have talked American money.


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