Oregon Beach Getaway


I told you, even though we like roller coasters we do enjoy other vacations as well.  So here are some tips for the Oregon Beach.

Even though we are very close to the Oregon coast we don’t get there much.  I guess I am not much of a beach lover.  Not sure if it’s the wind or the sand.  But the opportunity arose for us to go to the beach for a weekend, so we took advantage of it.

We headed towards Lincoln City, Oregon.  We have a friend with a beach house there, and he lets us use it.  So we were off to find good food and good times.

Even though we were staying in Lincoln City we enjoy a few places in Depot Bay.  Plus if the tide is high it’s fun just to watch the waves crash against the rocks.

We headed down to eat at the Chowder Bowl in Depot Bay, Oregon.  Great clam chowder and fish and chips. It’s a must if you are looking for that great seafood meal.  For desert we headed to Ainslee Salt Water.  Not sure why, but this has always been our favorite place to buy salt water taffy.  And this was the perfect ending to our day.


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