Paramounts Great America-What I think

Great America '05

Great America ’05

We have been to this park a ton. My husband grew up going there on vacation. It was my first Roller Coaster park and I was in college when I first went. It was also our kids’ first Roller Coaster Park. So we have fond memories here….BUT we have also been to Cedar Point, Ohio, the Roller Coaster Capital of the World, so coming back to this park this year has mixed reviews for us.

First and foremost this park is clean. I mean Disneyland clean, which is more than I can say for all the Six Flag Parks I have been too. I really appreciate that. It gives it a great family feel as opposed to the others that just seem dirty and crazy.

Great America is not a big park. I never thought that until this year. You can make it around in no time. Which is both positive and negative. The rides are not far from each other, which I really like. There are lots of shops and cafes between rides too which is nice when you need water or things to eat.

They do have some great rides that I consider big. Although again, after having been to Cedar Point, none of the rides are BIG anymore. But nonetheless we enjoyed many rides here.

  • Invertigo. This ride is best done in the front row facing Grizzly.
  • Grizzly is a great wooden roller coaster. It is best done in the front. I rode it many times. In the past I had stayed away because….I shouldn’t even say this outloud to the world since I love riding roller coasters, but I have a bad back. But I only did this one in the front row and it seemed to work perfect for me. I had no problems whatsoever.
  • Drop Tower never gets old, which was good because we rode it alot. Mostly because there were no lines and we could stay in our seat. This is a great 224 foot free fall drop.
  • Flight Deck (formally known as Top Gun) is known for it’s speed instead of its height. And it is fast, so fast that I do tend to black out during parts of the ride. We did this one in the front row nearly every time.
  • Survivor the Ride was down when we were there 2 years ago, so we finally got a chance to ride it. It’s a fun relaxing ride. It goes in a circle while rolling back in forth over the track. It’s different, I can’t say if I liked it or not. I wouldn’t wait in line for it, but since we had no lines, we usually just did it as we passed it.

The new ride was not yet open. I was disappointed until I saw what it was, then I realized we had actually done it at another park. It’s a fun ride, but it’s not a roller coaster. So we didn’t mind that we missed it.

The food selection was ok. I would really like to see parks go with healthier food. They are slowly coming around. They did offer salads and fruit salad. But the one time we went to purchase the fruit salad it was gone. That was at 12:00. Either they didn’ t have many or it’s not just us that are trying to eat healthier and they were all eaten up. I was glad that we found the sushi, it was a filling yet non greasy selection that left us all feeling great.

The bathrooms were always clean. The cafes were always being picked up by someone and rarely did you seen any garbage on the ground. I know there were not a lot of people attending the park that day, but the workers were all there nonetheless, sweeping.

Most of the staff at the rides were nice and social. I got grease on my arm from one of the rides. I asked for a paper towel to clean up and she must have apologized 4 times. It wasn’t her fault, but she felt bad and made sure I got cleaned up and was happy. Thank you Jessica!!!empy-park.jpg

Overall we love this park, but we have outgrown it. None of these rides scare us at all anymore and give us that thrill we are looking for. I doubt we will make it back. We will probably venture out to others. But I highly suggest going if you have never been. It will probably always be a family favorite because of all the memories. The best part of all was our timing. We really did have the park pretty much to ourselves.


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