Paramounts Great America, Friday, April 11th

Plan your trips accordingly and you will have the park to yourself

We got up at 4am to get ready and be at the airport by 5:15 for our 6:15 flight. Since my husband used to travel a lot we have a board room pass. So we just ate breakfast at the board room once we were at the aiport. They have a great seclection of pastries, yogurt, juices, teas and coffees. We landed in San Jose at 8:00. We went and picked up our rental car and drove towards Great America and stopped by a Starbucks and got some drinks and snacks. The kids each got a Jamba Juice. We also took the time to pack some of the snacks that we had brought with us and put them in little baggies. NEXT TIME we would stop and eat a good breakfast at a restaurant so we had good energy and good food on our stomachs. It affects you when you ride roller coasters if you haven’t eaten well. We got to the park right at 9:30, bought our Platium Pass tickets and waited patiently for the park to open.

While we were waiting some workers came through doing a survery and we began asking them how many people would be in the park today. They said that last Friday there were 1100 people. During the summer they run about 10,000+. So we basically had the park to ourselves, because everyone around us had little kids,  they weren’t doing the rides we would be doing.

Once it opened we ran and started on Flight Deck (formally Top Gun). We did any and every ride we wanted as many times as we wanted. The park was empty.

Because of our early morning flight we were all pretty tired and our eating schedule was a bit messed up. We had eaten a few of our snacks but we wanted something more. We didn’t want greasy food from the cafes so we looked around and found a Sushi cafe. We even saw the guy making the sushi, so we knew it was fresh. We purchased 2 containers and all 4 of us ate from them. Those 2 containers with tax cost us $16. We only needed 2 because we had eaten our snacks that we had brought in with us.

We had also purchaIn-N-Out Burgerssed a bottle of water, but spent the day refilling it at the restroom water fountains. And we refilled them a lot.

By 2:30 we were so tired and we were ready for some real food. So we left the park and went to In-N-Out Burgers. We all got meals with Chocolate Shakes.

We then checked into our hotel, The Plaza Suites and took naps. We woke up in time to go back to the park for about an hour and do more rides. By the end of the day we figured we did around 25 rides.

Normally we don’t leave the parks. But since there were so few people there we were getting to do everything we wanted and we had time to spare. So we took advantage of that and took time to relax as well.


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