How the Thrills Started

Years after we started the Rollercoaster Vacations our kids still looked forward to them.

Years after we started the Rollercoaster Vacations our kids still looked forward to them.

We live in Portland, Oregon.  So for starters we try to hit all the parks that are on the West Coast.  Airfare money saver tip:  Airfare is the more affordable traveling the west coast for us, than flying across country.  And because of the short flights we get the most out of our days.  If we leave in the morning, there is a great chance we will hit the park that afternoon or evening, adding one more visit to our trip. Let me back up a few years and let you know how we have done this, and mostly why, we continue to do this.

When we really started as a family to seek thrill rides our kids were 7 and 9.  That put me at 33 and my husband at 31.  The first time we went our kids had no idea what was happening.  I put them in the car and said we are going to meet up with dad for a few days.  They were surprised when we showed up at the airport.  As you drive up to Great America you can see all the roller coasters and different rides, but for some reason our kids were looking intently out the other window trying to figure out where we were going.  We had to laugh, then nudge them a little to look the other way.  That trip was June of 2002, the beginning of many.   Our kids surprisingly did many of the rollercoasters.  They did all that they were allowed by height to do. We managed to do at least one park every year for nearly 9 years.


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