Perfect day to hike on this glacier

Perfect day to hike on this glacier

We have been planning this extended family vacation for about a year and a half now. My family is very much into the great outdoors like fishing and hunting. That’s what happens when you grow up in Eastern Oregon. Although that is not what I love to do, I do really enjoy hiking and just being outside.

Let me just say this, Alaska is [Read more…]

New York City

Looking from inside Central Park into the city

Looking from inside Central Park into the city

We leave for New York in a few days and we have never been before. I have my list of places I want to see and even some places to eat. When you plan you kind of get an idea of what you think a place will look like, so I’ve decided to make this a post about What We Expect to see, What we hope to see and then what we actually do and any other tips that we discovered along the way. September 2015

What We Expect and What We Hope to See

From pictures I picture this [Read more…]

Hiking in Central Oregon

Tumalo Falls

Tumalo Falls

Tumalo Falls is a spectacular waterfall located in Central Oregon just outside of Bend.  The beautiful thing about this this waterfall is anyone can experience it. You see you can drive right up to it. If you park your car and walk the less than 100 yards you can see it in all it’s beauty from a viewing area. For those that want more you can continue up the path up to the top of the falls. From there the path goes on for a few miles as it follows the creek and has many [Read more…]

Where to Eat in San Antonio

The drinks outside of downtown are WAY better. Like this moonshine cocktail

The drinks outside of downtown are WAY better. Like this moonshine cocktail

This post is for all of you that love great food. Our favorite part of traveling is experiencing the food in other places.  We stumbled upon so many great places that I had to create a post with all the food we indulged in. Not just that, but Texas has a great array of beer. I do love my beer and this Portland girl is not used to so many choices in other cities besides my own.

I have another post, Not Your Typical San Antonio Travel Tips. In that post I shared how you need to get out of downtown for the good food. Even though the umbrellas on the river win you over with their quaintness, know that the food is not that great. But don’t worry, there is great food within walking distance. [Read more…]

Not Your Typical San Antonio Travel Tips

San antonio travel tips

Google what to do in San Antonio and you will get a list of ideas. Places to see, where to walk, what to enjoy and just maybe, how to get there. But what about all the great places that the locals enjoy in their city? Where are those places and are they just as fun as the tourist spots? What is the easiest way to get around if you don’t have a car so you can take in those hidden gems. Don’t worry, I have answers for you.

Let’s at least start with a few of the obvious reasons of why we went to San Antonio, then I will get into the stuff that will really help you get around and enjoy your time.
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14 Travel Tips for Seattle

Things to do in SeattleWe arrived to Seattle by train and from there we explored as many different types of transportation that we could, including lots of walking. Since we didn’t have our own personal transportation we decided to go it the whole way with just backpacks. The first thing we decided to do was drop our packs in our boutique hotel , The Roosevelt. From there we had the freedom to experience all of Seattle.

There are all the usual suspects of Seattle like the Space Needle, Pike Place and Starbucks coffee. Yet there is so much more to see and do in this great city. Finding a cheap place to stay is tough, but not out of the question (I have a few suggestions).  And there is a lot of ground to cover, so check out how we did it without completely killing ourselves. [Read more…]

Spending a Day in Portland

The Stone House in Forest Park Portland, OR

The Stone House in Forest Park Portland, OR

I love my city. There is so much to do here, and when the sun is shining there is no place I would rather be. My all time love of the city is the food scene, but I love to combine that with some of the other great features of our city…Hiking, right in the city. [Read more…]

Hiking and Eating in Long Beach Washington

Stunning day at the coast

Stunning day at the coast

For our anniversary we decided to head to Astoria, Oregon since we hadn’t been there in a few years. It’s a great little town on the Northern Oregon Coastline with great food options. There was a hotel we went to a few years back, that we loved, and decided to stay again. Once our trip started to get closer, we decided we would like to take one extra day. The hotel was booked, as it was the weekend of 4th of July, so I began broadening our search. By doing that we started our trip in Long Beach, Washington.

We found the Adrift Hotel for a somewhat reasonable price and with very mixed reviews. We decided to lower our standards, expect less, and [Read more…]

Ohio Road Trip

We have only been to Ohio to visit Cedar Point. But this time we decided to fly out of Cincinnati and hit Kings Island for a day or so. So that meant a 4 hour road trip right through the middle of Ohio. We had opened up Cedar Point that day, done a few rides, then hit the road. So as we drove we were looking for a place for lunch. Do I need to say it again…we wanted good food and the search began. We ended up in a town called Bucyrus, and they were having Hobo Days. It was quite fun with a few vendors on the streets. What stopped us was a coffee shop, since sandwiches are a hit at our house this seemed like the perfect place. Plus we are from the NW and we do like our coffee, so had to test it out.

First off it was inside of an antique/amish furniture/gift shop that was all a buzz. At the coffee counter were 3 older ladies taking orders and making sandwiches. We all ordered our favorite coffee drink, and got these great sandwiches with chips and a giant pickle. The whole meal cost us $24. And the coffee was great. We ended up talking with one of the ladies and she found out we were from Oregon and she gave my husband a huge to go cup of coffee, which he thought was really good and very sweet.

Full stomachs and on our way to Kings Island…..