Oregon Beach Getaway

I told you, even though we like roller coasters we do enjoy other vacations as well.  So here are some tips for the Oregon Beach. Even though we are very close to the Oregon coast we don't get there much.  I guess I am not much of a beach lover.  … [Continue reading]

Kings Island Features Best Kids’ Area in the World

KINGS ISLAND FEATURES BEST KIDS’ AREA IN THE WORLD! Being No. 1 is hard work! For the seventh year in a row, Amusement Today readers awarded Kings Island with the prestigious Golden Ticket for Best Kids’ Area in the World in 2007.  Kings Island’s … [Continue reading]

Pay Once, Visit Twice *Hurry before it’s too late*

You can’t conquer the thrills and family fun at Cedar Point in just one day…so why not come back for a second day of fun? Here’s how this special ticket works: pay one price of only $52.95 online through June 15, 2008 and visit on the operating day … [Continue reading]

Review of Great America from the eyes of a 14 year old

After having gone to Cedar Point, Six Flags, and all those more popular places, Great America seemed smaller than the first time I visited it. It was still a blast to go on rides I could never work up the courage go on before, and even the new rides … [Continue reading]

Paramounts Great America-What I think

We have been to this park a ton. My husband grew up going there on vacation. It was my first Roller Coaster park and I was in college when I first went. It was also our kids' first Roller Coaster Park. So we have fond memories here....BUT we have … [Continue reading]

Paramounts Great America, Sunday, April 13th

We started the day again with our GREAT breakfast at The Plaza Suites. The weather was so nice we decided to eat outside. We actually found yesterday that with the Premium parking you can park really close to the front gate. There are a few … [Continue reading]

Paramounts Great America, Saturday, April 12th

  We started off the morning with a great cooked to order breakfast at The Plaza Suites. I love this hotel. It's beautiful and it's clean and the breakfast is amazing. They have these really good Vanilla Frappucino's that I had this morning … [Continue reading]

Paramounts Great America, Friday, April 11th

We got up at 4am to get ready and be at the airport by 5:15 for our 6:15 flight. Since my husband used to travel a lot we have a board room pass. So we just ate breakfast at the board room once we were at the aiport. They have a great seclection of … [Continue reading]

Finalizing One…Getting Ready for Another

I am almost finished finalizing the details for our Cedar Point trip that we are taking in August. I spent the day on the web checking out hotels, rates, certain rooms and most importantly rental car hours. Let me start with Rental Cars. My … [Continue reading]

A Hotel Favorite

We have always stayed at The Plaza Suites in Santa Clara.    The Plaza Suites is about 3 miles from the San Jose Airport and it’s about 2 miles from Great America, our family’s first and favorite park.  Plaza Suites weekday rates are about $200 a … [Continue reading]