5 Tips for Enjoying Antelope Canyon

This trip was as spectacular as it looks. If it’s on your bucket list, keep it on your bucket list!

I have been asked by a few people how much hiking we had to do for the Lower Canyon. Really there is not a lot. You have to get down to the canyon, which is just a few minutes walk away. Then you have to go down the stairs to get into the canyon. After that you go through at a very slow pace. They give each group time to take lots of pictures without having to have others in your photos. They do such a great job of this. Plus your guide will take as many pictures as you wish as well as show you things along the way.

Here are 5 Tips for Enjoying Antelope Canyon

  1.  Book in advance. We went with Ken’s tours, which we thought was the best price. We had booked the Lower Canyon months in advance and were told there was a good chance we could also do Upper Canyon when we got there without having to book it in advance. Since it’s around $20 a person for each we thought we would do one and then decide if we wanted to do the other.  The day we did this it was overcast. Overcast is not good for Upper Canyon, you want Sunshine for that one. But for Lower Canyon overcast is actually good for pictures. So we did luck out in how we ended up booking them. Plus we were satisfied with what we saw in the Lower Canyon so we weren’t disappointed that it wasn’t a good day for Upper Canyon.
  2. Have sunglasses. It’s not bright in there, but there are times when the wind would blow and the sand was really coming in. We used our glasses often just to protect our eyes.
  3. Know that it’s a slow pace, take it all in and enjoy kind of day. Don’t be in a rush. They really give you time to enjoy it because in all actuality, it’s not all that long of a canyon. You do not need to take anything with you either. None of us had packs or water since you only have about an hour in there.
  4. Have cash for the Navajo Parks & Recreation fee of $8 per person.
  5. Be aware of the time zone change if you are coming from Utah.

One last tip since you will be in the area. Don’t forget to stop at Horseshoe Bend.

I can’t stop looking through my pictures of this place. It was definitely a highlight of our 5 day trip.

Anyone else been to Antelope Canyon?





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