Mirror Lake Hike

Mirror Lake with Mt. Hood in the background

Portland!  You not only have the city, but the beach and the mountains can be reached within just over an hour. This is a great hike for those in or around Portland or even those that are visiting Portland and want a great view of Mt. Hood.

You can hike up just to Mirror Lake and hang out. This is a pretty easy 1.5 mile hike (3 miles round trip), with almost a 1000 ft elevation climb. If you want to keep on going you can jump on the Tom, Dick and Harry trail. Doing this hike will take your elevation climb up to 2000 ft and right at 6.5 miles round trip. You will go right past Mirror Lake, so take time to enjoy the view and the peacefulness.

You can see from the picture above how the lake gets it’s name.

Looking towards the rim of Tom, Dick and Harry from Mirror Lake

If you turn and face the ridge behind you, you will see the top of the Tom, Dick and Harry trail.

Once you reach the top, the view is truly amazing. Even though I only took pictures of Mt. Hood, there are 5 mountain peaks you can see from up there.

Looking down on Mirror Lake

The trail head is right before Government camp on a corner to your right. You will often times see many cars parked at this corner and you will see a bridge you have to cross immediately. That’s how you will know you are in the right spot.

The trail does have switchbacks, but it’s more of a moderate trail. Once you get to the the split if you stay left on the Mirror Lake loop you will be able to walk around the whole lake looking for the perfect spot to sit down for lunch. If you stay to the right on the Tom, Dick and Harry path you will also go around the lake (in the opposite direction) until you see another little left turn off to the Tom, Dick and Harry path.

Give yourself time to do this, because it is fun to have time to hang out at the lake for awhile. There are also pack in campsites here too. Make sure you grab your pass to park at the trail heads at any store on the way up.


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