My Top 10 Favorite Thrill Rides

The whole family loves coasters

The whole family loves coasters


11. Grizzly :: Great America, CA – I know, this makes it 11, but I only added this one because it’s the coaster my header is taken from. I love that picture, makes me feel like I am going for a ride.

10. Flight Deck :: Great America, CA – It’s a great ride, but I love it more because it was one of the first good ones I ever went on.

9.  Tatsu :: Six Flags Magic Mountain, CA – If you have the time, wait for the front seat. It’s worth it!

8.  Batman :: Six Flags Magic Mountain, CA – I don’t love this one quite as much as my hubby. The G-forces really get to me.

7.  Medusa :: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, CA – Great smooth, big coaster

6.  Goliath :: Six Flags Magic Mountain, CA – Awesome, awesome ride!!  The G-forces at the very end do make me black out a little.

5.  The Beast :: Kings Island, Ohio – I don’t like wood coasters, but this one is so well done.

4.  Maverick :: Cedar Point, Ohio – Fast and tight

3.  Tower of Terror :: California Disney – Not a coaster, but one of my favorite rides even among all these coasters. It’s so well done.

It’s hard to choose which one is actually my most favorite. I love them both so much. Being that they are both extreme coasters.

Top Thrill at night. All 420 feet.

2.  Top Thrill Dragster :: Cedar Point, Ohio – 0-120 mph in 3.8 secs?  Yes Please!

1.  Millennium Force :: Cedar Point, Ohio – Another extreme fast coaster. You won’t be able to stop smiling during this ride.

So what’s your favorite ride?  Did I miss it? Are there some that are even better??

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  1. Oh, this makes me want to vomit right now. I am not as young as I used to be, so this stuff is now off limits for me, but oh, wow I remember The Beast well!
    The G-Force over at Six Flags Gurnee Mills about had me passing out once… whew…

  2. I have never been on the G-force, will have to check that one out.

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