How Far Would You Drive For In-n-Out?


I wish I could say the reason I haven’t posted in awhile is because I have been off traveling, but it’s not true.  We have just been getting settled into the school routine, but I did want to share the trip my husband and son took to In-n-Out.  That’s right they drive 6 hours, grab a burger, see some sights, grab a burger and come home. They drive from Portland, Oregon to Redding, California just for In-n-Out Burger.

This is the 2nd year they have done it.  This year they stopped in the Redwoods.  They spent a few hours there just checking things out.  If you haven’t seen the redwoods, you need to make a trip out.  It’s pretty spectacular. They went to Klamath, California so they could see the Redwoods and drive through one of the trees.

You can see in order to make it through they had to pull in the mirrors.  This was a fun stop, but they had better things to do.  You guessed it.  They had to make their way to the the happiest place on earth…In-n-Out.

The bottom picture is something that is ordered off the “special menu”.  I think this is called animal fries.

They spent the night at the Gaia Hotel and they loved it.  You can read how I got it at such a great deal.  I have to preface this with my husband is a hotel snob and won’t stay at a Motel 6, so getting a nice hotel at an affordable price is always a good thing.


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