How to Figure Out What Hotwire Hotel You Are Booking

Yep there is a trick to figuring out which hotel you are booking.  In my case it led us to a better deal. Here’s a few steps to help you figure out what hotel you just might be booking.

1.  Do some investigative work. If you look through all the hotels in the area you can find some matching descriptions.  The one that set mine off was 100% smoke free.  Look through the list of amenities and you can kind of figure it out.  Another time when looking only one hotel in the area had a spa, so that was easy.

2.  Book a package and it will show you what you are booking.

I did number 2 and it was the one I actually booked.  I booked a car/hotel package.  Not only did it show us the hotel, but it was the best price we had found.  Even adding the car it ended up costing us less.

You will need to do some math because it breaks it down per person.  That’s fine, it was costing us $71 per person to have the motel with no breakfast and no car.  I got motel, breakfast and a car for $80 a person.  Break that down, for $9 more a person or $36 total, we are getting a rental car for 3 days and breakfast for four for 2 days.  Sweet!!

I looked at rental cars, even through Hotwire and it was cheaper to do the package.

Are you a little curious what we are booking??

We really wanted to do Kingda Ka, but it’s so far away.  Our window is so small that we decided staying on the West Coast was our best option.

We decided to hit Six Flags Magic Mountain.  We really do love this park.  Our only hang up is that it’s kind of got a lot of gang activity, but they are watching it closely and we won’t be there during the night hours. By staying on the West Coast and having such a short flight we will be able to hit the park the day we fly in and the day we fly out.

Before we booked the trip we did what we always do and that is check the school calendar for the school districts in the area.  They all go through the week that we are there.  We might run into some bus loads of kids coming in for end of year, but nothing like it could be.

We just booked our airfare, and we had lots of miles.  Not quite enough to get it all for FREE, but the four of us are flying for $150, not too bad.

I know it’s a crazy idea, and it’s just days before my surgery, but the kids have really wanted to go.  My daughter has been asking for a vacation this summer and we just weren’t sure if it was possible and today I decided to throw caution to the wind and book it.

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  1. You’re right – with a little investigating you can usually figure it out. We’ve always had great luck with Hotwire and use them for hotel and rental cars whenever we travel.

  2. It took me a few times to figure out this secret, I might be a slow learner, hopefully you figured it out before I did.


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