Toxic Audio in Reno, Nevada

Well I have been checking every website I can think of and trying to come up with some shows that we can go see while we are in Reno.  I have come across this one that I am pretty excited about.  It’s called Toxic Audio.  It sounds amazing.  Its kind of a cross between music and improv comedy, and it sounds pretty high energy.

I called and talked with someone and it’s general seating, so there is really no need to purchase tickets ahead of time, and while we are there we will have 3 shows to choose from.  So we will wait and see what else might be playing there so we don’t end up double booking ourselves or missing out on something else that looks great.

We went and saw this and it was beyond amazing!!  I would love to see it again some day.  I know for a fact my kids would have loved this.  If you ever get the opportunity to go, DO IT!!


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