Review of Great America from the eyes of a 14 year old

After having gone to Cedar Point, Six Flags, and all those more popular places, Great America seemed smaller than the first time I visited it. It was still a blast to go on rides I could never work up the courage go on before, and even the new rides were enjoyable. The best part about our most recent trip to Great America, was that there was nobody there. Which meant no lines for anything. We got to stay on some of the top rides, as they ran it again and again. I was so spoiled from Friday, with not having to wait in lines, Saturday was horrible. Although they were still short (about 2 or 3 rides before our turn) it seemed like hours to wait for a ride, since I was so use to hopping on rides the day before.


5 Tips for Enjoying Antelope Canyon

This trip was as spectacular as it looks. If it’s on your bucket list, keep it on your bucket list! I have been asked by a few people how much hiking we had to do for the Lower Canyon. Really there is not a lot. You have to get down to the canyon, which is […]

Hiking Southern Utah and Northern Arizona in 5 Days

We just did a 5 day hiking trip to Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. We aren’t hard core hikers, so covering over 30 miles in just a few days, was a big deal to us. But we did see some beautiful country. For us, the easiest way to get there is to fly through Las […]

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