Finalizing One…Getting Ready for Another

I am almost finished finalizing the details for our Cedar Point trip that we are taking in August. I spent the day on the web checking out hotels, rates, certain rooms and most importantly rental car hours.

Let me start with Rental Cars. My husband has an account with Avis and prefers them. I prefer Enterprise because they take you back to the airport instead of making you ride the shuttle bus and they give you bottled water to take with you. But the problem came when we had a very late arrival into Cleveland. We won’t be picking up our car until midnight. Turns out Avis is open all night long. I made sure to call the actual Avis car rental at the Cleveland airport. Enterprise on the other hand will only take reservations through 10:30pm. So we went with Avis. I was actually getting nervous that we might have to find a hotel at the airport.

I still haven’t booked our Cedar Point Resort room just yet. Last year we stayed at Breakers Express. Very nice, very clean, and newer. Plus it’s a little cheaper. We then moved into Hotel Breakers which is very old. Built in the early 1900’s. It was very musty, but very nostalgic. We were literally 100 yards from our room to the beach. While we were there we found these other rooms that are on the ends. They are huge and only cost about $64 more a night. We haven’t booked it just yet, but we are leaning towards this room at the Hotel Breakers.

We arrive in Cleveland, spend 3-4 days there then we drive down to Cincinnati to Kings Island. We had to choose between 2 hotels. The first one was Comfort Suites Kings Island, which has a continental breakfast, and the other was Kirkwood Inn. It looks like an old farmhouse and it has a full breakfast with eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, breads, juices….I finally cut him off he was listing so many things. We chose Kirkwood Inn because it’s not a hotel or a chain, and it looks quaint and has a great breakfast. It priced out the same, it was just a few miles away where the other one is less than a mile away.

Now to actually focus on the one this weekend. I just checked the weather again and they are looking at the low 80’s. I can’t wait. I need to get snacks and we are good to go.


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