Our Favorite Trips of 2014

This year took us on roads we had never been down before.

This year took us on roads we had never been down before.

This year brought lots of changes for us. Our youngest child graduated and left home leaving us as Empty Nesters. Having the desire to travel more and the freedom (sorry kids those sport schedules were tough to work around) we decided to try more weekend vacations. Before he graduated though we did a trip that was many years in the planning. Germany! [Continue reading]

Things To Do in Phoenix

Hike to a peak and take in the city from afar

  Our travels are becoming more frequent because we are empty nesters. Our travels also take us to where our kids are and that allows us to experience where they are living. Taking a weekend to get away from from the cold and rain in … [Continue reading]

How To Get To the Front of the Plane

Sitting in the front of the plane

Who doesn't love sitting up front when you fly? Yeah, every single one of us.  One of the best things about collecting miles and points is you have the option to take advantage of the best class of service when you want to.  You get to enjoy the best … [Continue reading]

Simple Trick To Keep Points From Expiring

simple travel trick

When you start to get serious about collecting miles, points and other digital currency to help you achieve your travel goals, you end up with lots of accounts spread all over the place. Keeping your miles and points in a single location such … [Continue reading]

Hiking in Central Oregon

Smith Rock in Central Oregon

Tumalo Falls is a spectacular waterfall located in Central Oregon just outside of Bend.  The beautiful thing about this this waterfall is anyone can experience it. You see you can drive right up to it. If you park your car and walk the less than 100 … [Continue reading]

Best of Bend, OR in the Fall

Fall hikes in Bend, OR

With a town like Bend, Oregon the peak times are in the summer, with all the water sports, lakes, fishing, hiking and the list goes on. And in the winter, with the skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and anything else you can think of.  The falls seems … [Continue reading]

Where to Eat in San Antonio

The charcuterie plate from Cured in San Antonio

This post is for all of you that love great food. Our favorite part of traveling is experiencing the food in other places.  We stumbled upon so many great places that I had to create a post with all the food we indulged in. Not just that, but Texas … [Continue reading]

Not Your Typical San Antonio Travel Tips

San antonio travel tips

Google what to do in San Antonio and you will get a list of ideas. Places to see, where to walk, what to enjoy and just maybe, how to get there. But what about all the great places that the locals enjoy in their city? Where are those places and are … [Continue reading]

14 Travel Tips for Seattle

Things to do in Seattle

We arrived to Seattle by train and from there we explored as many different types of transportation that we could, including lots of walking. Since we didn't have our own personal transportation we decided to go it the whole way with just backpacks. … [Continue reading]

Why You Must See Oneonta Gorge

Oneonta Gorge

Let's start here. How do you even pronounce it? I say On-ee ANH- tuh, but a hiking site also suggests oh-nee-ANH-tuh. All that to say, I'm pretty close. Either way, people will think you will know what you are talking about. Here is why you must … [Continue reading]