5 Lesser Known Things To Do In San Diego

Photo by Ai Long via Trover.com

Photo by Ai Long via Trover.com

San Diego has to be one of those near perfect places to visit pretty much any time of the year. The weather is fairly consistent all year long, and it seems like the sun is always shining. It’s also very easy for those of us on the West Coast to get to within a few hours, making this a perfect place for a long weekend getaway.

Once you’re there, it may be tempting to hit all of the popular spots, which is absolutely fine. However you may also [Continue reading]

Sights And Tastes Of Moscow, Russia

Photo by Maria via Trover.com

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I'm hoping to talk Amy into a trip to St. Petersburg, Russia in the not-so-distant future (St. Petersburg, Russia: The Venice Of The North). A second place I'd like to visit during the same trip is … [Continue reading]

Making The Most Of An Adventure To Rome, Italy

Photo by Irene Wamala via Trover.com


Rome is a city that has been on our list for a long long time. This year, we're finally taking the plunge and heading to Italy, with Rome being on both ends of the trip. We're looking forward to making the most of one of the oldest cities in the … [Continue reading]

Portland: Everything You Didn’t Even Know You Wanted!

Photo by The Global Couple via Trover.com.


If you've read much on VacationThrills.com, you're probably aware that we're from Portland, Oregon. It's not much of a surprise, then, to hear that we love this city. It has a ton to offer, most notably world-class food, great craft beer, some of the … [Continue reading]

St. Petersburg, Russia: The Venice Of The North

Photo by Michal Bošina via Trover.com


For a long time now, I’ve wanted to visit Russia. Specifically, Moscow and St. Petersburg. My wife doesn’t really share my fascination with Russia, nor remotely share my wanting to visit the country, but that hasn’t deterred me from dreaming about … [Continue reading]


Favorite coffee shop that actually serves coffee

The biggest reason we chose to go to Amsterdam was the direct flight from Portland, OR to Amsterdam. Once you are in Amsterdam you must look around, right? Here are a few things you need to know about Amsterdam if you are maybe uneasy about … [Continue reading]

Zion National Park

The very top of that rock is our goal. Angel's landing

It feels like it's been a while since we have gotten away on vacation, so this one was much appreciated. Not only because of where we were, but because Portland got hammered with rain while we were gone and I got a sun burn. Always makes for a … [Continue reading]

Our Favorite Trips of 2014

Chasing waterfalls. That's what we do.

This year brought lots of changes for us. Our youngest child graduated and left home leaving us as Empty Nesters. Having the desire to travel more and the freedom (sorry kids those sport schedules were tough to work around) we decided to try more … [Continue reading]

Things To Do in Phoenix

Hike to a peak and take in the city from afar

  Our travels are becoming more frequent because we are empty nesters. Our travels also take us to where our kids are and that allows us to experience where they are living. Taking a weekend to get away from from the cold and rain in … [Continue reading]

How To Get To the Front of the Plane

Sitting in the front of the plane

Who doesn't love sitting up front when you fly? Yeah, every single one of us.  One of the best things about collecting miles and points is you have the option to take advantage of the best class of service when you want to.  You get to enjoy the best … [Continue reading]