Where to Eat in San Antonio

The drinks outside of downtown are WAY better. Like this moonshine cocktail

The drinks outside of downtown are WAY better. Like this moonshine cocktail

This post is for all of you that love great food. Our favorite part of traveling is experiencing the food in other places.  We stumbled upon so many great places that I had to create a post with all the food we indulged in. Not just that, but Texas has a great array of beer. I do love my beer and this Portland girl is not used to so many choices in other cities besides my own.

I have another post, Not Your Typical San Antonio Travel Tips. In that post I shared how you need to get out of downtown for the good food. Even though the umbrellas on the river win you over with their quaintness, know that the food is not that great. But don’t worry, there is great food within walking distance. [Continue reading]

Not Your Typical San Antonio Travel Tips

San antonio travel tips

Google what to do in San Antonio and you will get a list of ideas. Places to see, where to walk, what to enjoy and just maybe, how to get there. But what about all the great places that the locals enjoy in their city? Where are those places and are … [Continue reading]

14 Travel Tips for Seattle

Things to do in Seattle

We arrived to Seattle by train and from there we explored as many different types of transportation that we could, including lots of walking. Since we didn't have our own personal transportation we decided to go it the whole way with just backpacks. … [Continue reading]

Why You Must See Oneonta Gorge

Oneonta Gorge

Let's start here. How do you even pronounce it? I say On-ee ANH- tuh, but a hiking site also suggests oh-nee-ANH-tuh. All that to say, I'm pretty close. Either way, people will think you will know what you are talking about. Here is why you must … [Continue reading]

9 Reason to See Crater Lake National Park Oregon

Yes! Crater Lake really is that blue

I'm embarrassed to say I have lived in Oregon most of my life and I had never been to Crater Lake. I had flown over it and thought it looked beautiful, but I had never driven to it and looked at it in all it's glory. I will also be honest and say it … [Continue reading]

Spending a Day in Portland

It feels like you have left the city, but reality is you are within the city limits

I love my city. There is so much to do here, and when the sun is shining there is no place I would rather be. My all time love of the city is the food scene, but I love to combine that with some of the other great features of our city...Hiking, right … [Continue reading]

5 Great Day Trips Out Of Portland

Sunset at Pacific City

There is so much to see and do within Portland, but the best part of Portland is the fact that it's so dang close to so much you can experience all kinds of adventures.  As summer winds down these are some great places to get to before the school … [Continue reading]

Painted Hills in Oregon

Painted Hills

The Painted Hills are considered one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon. I had seen so many pictures I finally decided to pack my family in the car and check it out. Now these are not easily accessible and are they are pretty much out in the middle of … [Continue reading]


Along the river in Prague

I had very fond memories of Prague from 20 years ago. We had actually been twice and each time was quite the adventure. Think small winding streets with no GPS. Finding the place you had rented, from a shack about 20-40 minutes out of town, was not … [Continue reading]

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Beautiful Rothenburg Germany

Out of all the places we visited on our Central European Driving Vacation this was our favorite place. I know kind of crazy that we would choose a small, very small, town over some of the beautiful big cities we encountered, but the slower pace won … [Continue reading]